My Mission

There is currently a widespread movement across America to find a way to live a healthier and more natural lifestyle; especially when it comes to medications that have a plethora of nasty side effects. However, there is an obstacle that prevents many from living a healthy lifestyle, it is incredibly expensive to do so. Going to a store to buy wholesome ingredients costs a small fortune. So, I pursued my degree to teach others how to live better out of their own garden or window. Each person can grow their own personal wellness for a few dollars a seed pack and reap the benefits for years to come. The main idea is simple, when you eat well, you feel good. Now, here is a way to do it in small steps without breaking the bank.

Unlike many other sites, I am striving to present herbal actions that have clear support in scientific/medical literature.  That means I have done a literature search in PubMed, The Alternative Medicine Database and the NIH databases in order to find a well designed study to support each use I present.  There are virtually no herbs with overwhelming support for any particular action and none of them have clear support for every traditional action.  If I have left out your pet use for this herb, it merely means I didn’t find scientific studies to back it up.  This is an important point for me because I want to arm you with only the best information I can in a way that you can present to your doctor in order to create a care plan that fits your personal needs.  That being said, it is important for you to understand that even though most of these herbs are generally recognized as safe when used in typical food quantities,  I am only presenting information intended for generally healthy adults who are interested in staying that way.

DO NOT construe this information to be a medical prescription, diagnosis, treatment or cure of any kind.  Quite simply, I made a conscious decision to become a nurse, instead of  a doctor and I am quite certain I am not qualified to dispense medical advice.  You are encouraged to consult your primary care provider before making any changes in your diet.